The Digital Pen & Paper


1 380First Article Inspection Reporting has been an important tool within our inspection department for a few years now. It has enhanced and simplified our inspection process and has become an important part of managing our quality and maintaining our AS9100c accreditation on a daily basis. It is now a vital requirement for many of our customers.

A recent addition to our Visual FAIR software is a simple but amazingly efficient and accurate Digital Pen & Paper. This is a unique technology which makes the familiar act of writing First Article results with a pen on paper into a powerful tool which makes data capture more efficient and less susceptible to error.

The Digital Pen & Paper allows our inspectors to manually collect results using the pen onto dimensional forms printed on paper with a unique fingerprint to the specific job at hand. The technology then imports the results directly into the FAIR software via the electronic pen, simultaneously populating any required forms such as AS9102 dimensional reports or batch data collection forms. These dimensional reports can then be tailored to meet any specific customer requirements.

The process is user friendly, efficient and has a built in mistake proofing system which allows the user to check a box for pass or fail. This pass or fail result when analysed by the software is compared to the feature requirement that has been programmed in Visual FAIR. A result that is out of tolerance, but has been checked pass, will automatically be rejected. The system also records the time and date of each pen stroke thus allowing an accurate record of inspection for each and every component.