Inspection Department


Our Inspection Department is headed up by our Head Quality Inspector, Steve Innes. Steve and his team know that the number one priority for our customers is that they receive a quality, accurate to drawing, finished part. Steve has extensive experience in the precision engineering environment. His commitment to accuracy and detail ensures that he is perfectly suited to making sure a job is correct before it leaves our premises. 

“Their well equipped QC that includes a coordinate measuring machine, ensures a confidence that the final product is exactly what was ordered. 

I recommend you give them a try.”

Shaun Daniels – Managing Director

We also have an extensive range of equipment and software within our Inspection Department to aid Steve and his team, including:

  • IPI Visual Fair (First Article Inspection Reports)
  • Mitutoyo CMM including SP25 scanning probes
  • Mitutoyo Roundness Testing Machine
  • Mitutoyo Surface Measuring Machine
  • Tesa Height Gauges
  • Hardness Rockwell Tester
  • Optical Profile Projector
  • Vibro and roll etching tools
  • Fibre-optic Bore scopes
  • Surface thickness measurement
  • Tool setting optical scope
  • Sylvac Scan Optical Measuring Machine



cmm 1


Roundtest RA-114D 1

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