High Precision Machining


High Precision Machining is what we do here at Thomas Brown Engineering. We have earned our reputation for quality and reliability as our expertise, facilities and capabilities mean that we can deliver a comprehensive precision engineering service.

“I am more than happy to use Thomas Brown Engineering for sub-contract machining. I am very satisfied with the quality of goods. I would not hesitate in recommending Thomas Brown Engineering as a supplier of sub-contract machined parts.” 

Richard Williams – Production Controller

We have some fantastic new machinery that delivers excellent quality parts to our customers. Due to the superb accuracy and surface finish that these machines offer in a lights out situation, they can deliver good value too. Take a look at some of our CNC equipment, shown below:

CNC Turning 




Nakamura Twin Spindle Twin Turret machines

• Ideal for turning shafts, bolts and precision parts requiring turn/mill features
• Up to 65mm bar capacity
• Extremely quick and accurate with bar feeder and parts catcher
• Lights out machining lowering costs to customers

super-mill-wy-250l_5 Precision Machining


NTJ-100_left_open Precision Machining


Nakamura NTJ100

• 52mm bar capacity lathe
• Twin spindle twin turret – one turret being full B axis, swivelling through 190 degrees giving it the capability to mill drill parts at different angles
• Carries up to 56 tools making it fast and versatile



Star SR 32J Sliding Head Lathes

• Ideal for repetition turned/milled parts
• 3mm – 32mm capacity
• Fast cycle times and lights out machining
• Competitive costs to customers

STAR Precision Machining


sr20r4 Precision Machining



Star SR 20 RIV Sliding Head Lathes

• Ideal for mass production of turned/milled parts
• machining capacity up to 25mm diameter 
• Fast cycle times and lights out machining lowering the cost of production



Victor V Turn 40 Lathes

• Excellent work horse when extra power is required for larger parts
• Large turning capacity up to 600mm dia x 2m length
• Spindle bore of 125mm, steadys and revolving centres

VICTOR Precision Machining


Puma-3100 Precision Machining


Doosan Puma 3100

• Excellent turning capacity with diameters up to 525mm and turning lengths up to 760mm long
• Designed for heavy duty machining, providing high accuracy and quality surface finishing
• High speed turret indexing and fast rapid traverse rates minimize non-cutting time



EMAG Auto chucking machines

• Extremely competitive when machining cut blanks
• 200mm Dia x 150mm long capacity
• 6 second blank change over time – out performs hand feeding blanks into standard CNC machines by approximately 25%
• Automated feed reducing costs to customers

EMAG_VL5 Precision Machining


CNC Milling 


MIKRON Precision Machining


Mikron 5 axis machines

• Full 5 axis and jig boring capacity 450mm x 450mm
• 7 pallet loading system
• Excellent precision machining and surface finish to parts
• This machine can be programmed using our 5 axis Edge Cam software package




Mazak Horizontal machines

• Ideal for high precision, volume machining
• 1000mm pallets
• 120 tools up to 20,000 RPM and probing

MAZAK Precision Machining


47b5606d37 Precision Machining


Bridgeport Machines

• Vertical Milling Capacity
• 4th axis and probing
• Max size 1000mm x 650mm x 650



Mikron 5 axis machines

• Full 5 axis and jig boring 500mm cubed capacity
• 7 pallet loading system
• Offers excellent machining performances and a wider machining capacity
• This machine can be programmed using our 5 axis Edge Cam software package



Tool Room Capacity



We have a fully staffed tool room which includes:
• Manual Turning
• Manual Milling – Jig Boring
• Slotting
• Honing
• Grinding
• Electro-Discharge Machining

• Surface Table 600mm x 300mm
• Cylindrical 250mm x 680mm
• Dedtru centreless and profile grinding

Dedtru Precision Machining


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