Our Continuous Improvement – 2 Second Lean

Continuous Improvement CycleWhat would our business look like if everyone made a 2 second lean improvement every day?

This is what we asked of ourselves when we embarked upon our journey into 2 second lean.

Continuous Improvement has been a defining factor within our business for many years. We don’t accept that what we do today will be good enough for our customers tomorrow and as such we need to find ways to continuously improve. We have found the best, and by far the most fun way to do this, is to grow our people and by doing so, we build a fun and lean culture.

The 2 Second Lean approach is a way of simplifying our continuous improvement efforts by focusing on waste. This 2 Second Lean way of approaching lean was a concept developed by Paul Akers of FastCap in the US. The principles of growing people and eliminating waste by seeking small, incremental improvements every day can be used in every work environment.

3S and “Fix what bugs You?”

These are the two ways in which we identify and seek to eliminate waste and every day annoyances in our work. Each morning we set aside half an hour to Sort, Sweep & Standardise our work area. This process tends to highlight where waste, in every form, is hidden in our every day activities. And there are a limitless amount of ways in which waste is involved in every process we all undertake. Another way we approach the subject is “fix what bugs you!” Every member of our team is empowered, and given the time each day, to fix what bugs them!

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