Inspection & Quality

Inspection Department

Quality is central to everything we do here at Thomas Brown Engineering.

Each and every team member has a responsibility to ensure our service and manufactured parts are of the quality our customers have come to expect. To this end we have a dedicated inspection department, led by our Head of Quality, Kris and aided by our quality inspector, Tomasz. All our workforce are trained to ensure that our service offers the very best quality to our customers and adheres to our quality standards AS9100 rev D and ISO9001:2015.

Quality is something we seek to continuously improve upon. We have recently secured a place on the progressive NMCL programme designed to improve competitiveness and growth. The NMCL Programme has been designed by SMMT, who represent businesses in the automotive sector and ADS, who represent businesses operating in the aerospace, defence, security & space sectors. The aim of the programme is to develop a national, best practice approach to improve competitiveness, improve workforce capability, grow productivity and boost economic growth. We hope that the training, mentoring and coaching supplied by this government funded programme will further develop the capability of our team and enhance some of our internal procedures which will benefit our customers and ultimately aid our growth.


Inspection Equipment

We have an extensive range of equipment and software within our Inspection Department to aid Kris and his team, including:

  • IPI Visual Fair software for ballooning drawings and first articles. CMM and Pen data input.
  • Mitutoyo Geo Cat 1000 3D inspection software.
  • Mitutoyo Roundness Testing Machine
  • Mitutoyo Surface Measuring Machine
  • Tesa Height Gauges
  • Hardness Rockwell Tester
  • Optical Profile Projector
  • Vibro and roll etching tools
  • Fibre-optic Bore scopes
  • Surface thickness measurement
  • Tool setting optical scope
  • Sylvac Scan Optical Measuring Machine
Thomas Brown machinery

Their well equipped QC that includes a coordinate measuring machine, ensures a confidence that the final product is exactly what was ordered. I recommend you give them a try.


Shaun Daniels - Managing Director

Thomas Brown machinery

Team Spotlight: Kris

Head of Quality

Our inspection department is headed up by our Head of Quality, Kris. Kris and his team know that the number one priority for our customers is to receive a quality, precise to drawing, finished part along with accurate paperwork. Kris brought with him vast experience of the sub-contact, precision engineering sector. He and Tomasz ensure that each and every component we manufacture meets the strict criteria of our ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D quality approval.

Tel: 01484 548 903

Quality Approvals

Quality is what we do here at Thomas Brown Engineering.

It underpins our decisions and processors that we adopt in the course of our day to day work.

We hold the quality approvals AS9100D and BS EN ISO9001:2015 which gives our customers confidence in our procedures and manufactured parts.

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nqa AS 9100 Registered: Aviation Space & Defence; nqa ISO 9001 Registered: Quality Managment